Manipulating ISO9660 filesystem

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creation of an iso9660 image file:

user@host:~$ mkisofs -allow-lowercase -f -J -l -r -V volumelabel -o dest_file.iso data_dir


   volumelabel : label of the filesystem
   dest_file.iso : iso9660 image file that will be created
   data_dir : directory where are the data to put in the iso9660 filesystem
   -f : follow symbolic links
   -J : generate Joliet directory information
   -l : allow full 31 character filenames for ISO9660 names
   -r : generate rationalized Rock Ridge directory information

mounting an iso9660 image file:

user@host:~$ mount -t iso9660 -o loop,user image.iso mount_dir


   image.iso : iso9660 image file
   mount_dir : path of the directory where to mount the iso9660 image file